Dr. Mwenya Kasonde

Global Health Consultant and Thought Leader

I am a consultant and thought leader in global health with 10 years experience in public and private sectors. I work as a global advisor on issues relating to gender equality, social impact, sustainable development, global health, public health policy, healthcare investment promotion, and market access. I was previously a senior government official at the Republic of Zambia Ministry of Health, covering global health, government to government, private sector, and academic partnerships. I was also a key member of the Healthcare Policy Team responsible for drafting new legislation and lobbying key bills through Parliament. I have a strong network of contacts across both, legislative and executive branches.
I am a passionate speaker and writer, with a special interest in Global Health and African Development. My book "A Brighter Shade of Black", published in 2015, offers a new perspective on Africa, as a continent for growth and profit, as opposed to an area talked about only in terms of poverty, disease and aid. I write and speak on the subject of African trends and opportunities. I am passionate about economic empowerment, gender equity, global health and poverty alleviation.
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Rebranding Africa - Why Africa's boom is not over yet


Highly sought-after Global Health Consultant and Thought Leader specializing in gender equity and healthcare policy.

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